Independent research shows the Communication DNA behaviorally intelligent marketing solution leads to:

arrow-bulletClosing the 60% engagement black hole caused by the communication gaps in employee and client interactions

arrow-bulletSolving 87% of business issues, as Harvard research shows they are communication related

arrow-bulletMitigating suitability litigation which research shows is 86% caused by poor communication from service providers

arrow-bulletIncrease revenue by over 23% a year from increased client engagement


The world’s only all-in-one cloud-based behavioral analytics platform to know, engage and grow every employee and client using all dimensions of their communication and learning style

A 5-minute, 12-question assessment reliably reveals the core of a person’s complete communication style

Communication DNA Behavioral Analytics Platform

How does Communication DNA work?

1. A validated, complete personality assessment with immediate results, in 5 minutes

Identify a complete set of communication insights of your employees and clients through completion of 1 simple, web-based questionnaire.

2. Our unique, forced-choice questionnaire uncovers a person’s Natural Communication Style

Communication DNA’s behavioral analytics platform provides a person’s communication and learning style, sales approach, desired client service experience and solution preferences.

3. Identify the best client fit and sales plan

From the sales team hiring process to sales plan development, the discovery process matches client personality to the sales team and solutions offered to improve client engagement.

4. Easy to apply results, plus additional Training and Support every step of the way

In guiding your vision, our Communication DNA Subscription Package includes help to onboard, support, and train your team.

Communication DNA Behavioral Analytics Platform


Communication DNA helps organizations use independently validated behavioral data for matching clients to sales teams and solutions offered by:

1. Hiring and developing the right communications style and talents for each sales role

2. Navigating communication differences to unlock hidden team and client relationship blockages

3. Immediately elevating communication skills, engaging team strengths and building a sustainable culture

4. Enhancing client engagement by navigating purchasing biases and delivering customized life-long service experiences

5. Implementing advertising and promotional campaigns tailored to different communication and learning styles

We’ve made personality a reality in 123 countries by solving significant sales, marketing, and consumer purchasing challenges.

What Behaviorally Smart Business Leaders Are Saying About Communication DNA

Testimonial from David Hughes

“DNA Behavior’s tools helped us close a $350k engagement by using the Communication DNA suggested guidance with a prospect.”

– David Hughes, Managing Partner Peachtree Financial Group

Testimonial from David Hughes
Testimonial from Belva White

“The Communication DNA program has been part of our journey as it helped us in so many ways; getting to know our team better and to utilize the strengths of each team member and leader in developing deliverables that were in alignment with our goals.”

– Belva White, Assoc. VP for Finance Systems & Data Analytics, Emory University, Atlanta

Testimonial from Belva White
Testimonial from Steve Mintz

“We have been using Communication DNA for years to help us evaluate prospective new hires for our company. Using Business DNA not only helps us determine whom to hire?but what position(s) they will be best suited for. Additionally, as our company has grown and our employees have grown we have been able to use the same reports to assist us in promoting and moving our employees into positions that they and the company can better prosper. Hiring without these reports is like playing the game of roulette. Business DNA has been one of the keys to success for our company. Thank you Hugh Massie and team!”

– Steve Mintz, CEO, Sprint Cellular, Atlanta

Testimonial from Steve Mintz
Testimonial From Vanessa Lanus

“The DNA assessments are something the entire organization can use. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our peers so that we can maximize productivity and effectiveness.

The Communication DNA assessment was surprisingly accurate and definitely a great tool. It illustrated the benefit of concentrating efforts on communicating differently with colleagues, based on both mine and their communication styles.

The results were delivered in way that we could understand and relate real life situations to them in order to realize how accurate and effective they truly are.”

– Vanessa Lanus, PMP, MBA, Senior Program Manager, AT&T Business Solutions, Atlanta, GA

Testimonial From Vanessa Lanus


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